Kay and her partner, Melissa Briggs, create personalized unique workshops geared to the specific needs of a company or group. Clients have included Stanford School of Medicine, Stanford Knight Fellows Journalism Program, Stanford’s Clayman Institute for Gender Research, and the Department of English, Apple, Cisco, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Lippencott Brand Strategy and Design, Fisher Thermosciences, Dechert Global Specialist Law Firm and many more.

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Kay, with her team, works one-on-one to bring out the untapped resources of the individual. Rather than suggesting a “correct” approach, we address the personal needs of the speaker while respecting the diversity and uniqueness of each individual and what they have to offer. Personal coaching clients have included Stanford Faculty, (GSB, School of Medicine, School of Education), Stanford’s Executive Program for Women, Stanford Women in Entrepreneurship Program, and eBay’s Global Women’s Conference. Kay coaches many law and tech firms in communication skills, including Apple, Cisco, Twitter, AirBnB, Genentec, among many others.

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There is a better version of you. You are better today than earlier in your career, and there is no limit to your ability to transform and grow. The capacity to self-assess, reflect, grow and change separates good leaders from great ones.

It’s no different than olympic athletes, award winning actors, and political leaders. They use coaches and advisors to get critical objective feedback and practice deliberate improvement.
Discover your potential to transform and grow and commit to your own development. Executive Coaching supports and challenges you as a leader…

Melissa Briggs

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