Kay’s expertise has been invaluable for several generations of graduate students at Stanford who must give public presentations in many different academic and public contexts, from PhD qualifying exams to job interviews, and from conference presentations to media talks. Her familiarity with the research on gender, power and public performance (relevant to everyone) brings together the latest scholarship with real-world practice–Kay works in both groups and intensively one-on-one with our graduate students. From the extremely positive student reviews of her workshops: “totally transformative,” “an ideal blend of high-level insight into public performance paired with deeply personalized attention to one’s own experience,” “gave me specific tools and a mindset that have changed how I move through the world,”  “Kay is so warm, positive, energetic, insightful, generous”

Michele Elam
Professor of English
William Robertson Coe Professor of American Studies
Olivier Nomellini Family University Fellow in Undergraduate Education
Director, Graduate Interdisciplinary Program in Modern Thought & Literature
Margaret Jacks Hall, Bldg 460
Stanford University
Stanford, CA 94305

Kay Kostopolous is a coaching genius. Her work goes far beyond presentation style to the heart of how we hold ourselves for maximum impact. Kay has worked with faculty, students and staff with great results. I highly recommend working with Kay!

Lori Nishiura Mackenzie
Executive Director
Center for the Advancement of Women’s Leadership | Clayman Institute for Gender Research | Stanford University

Kay is a master of voice control and body language. She is also a brilliant teacher and mentor and has been critical in my development as a communicator and leader.”


David Brewster Bingham, M.D.

Whether you’re preparing for an important presentation or simply hoping to build stronger communication skills, Kay’s personalized recommendations will become invaluable tools you can draw from throughout your career. As a manager at Twitter and Airbnb, I’ve referred her to countless team members and colleagues, and have been shocked at how quickly I’m able to notice a difference in their confidence and communication styles. She has an incredible knack for making her pupils find their unique and powerful communication styles, and I’d recommend her services in a heartbeat!


Amanda Felson
Director of Operations and Partnerships, Assist.com
Previously: Global Partnerships Lead, Airbnb; Head of Direct Response Sales and Strategy, Twitter

Kay brings to life new insights about how speakers often reduce their effectiveness and miss their audiences. Her energy conveys skills on being a better communicator and helps participants gain comfort with making these changes.”


Joseph R. Hopkins, MD, MMM
Course Director
Stanford Leadership Development Program
Clinical Professor of Medicine/General Medical Disciplines
Stanford School of Medicine
Associate Chief Medical Officer
Senior Medical Director for Quality

I’m humbled and glad to have discovered the art of theatre through this course. It’s one of the many opportunities to see and experience humanity, in all its rawness, up close. I feel I can live many lives in this one life through theatre. Thank you Kay. I’ll be back and will love your guidance on furthering my artistic development and this beautiful journey.



Mandeep Waraich
MSx Class of 2018
Stanford Graduate School of Business

Again, Kay, thousand thanks from the bottom of my heart for your teaching , coaching and demonstrations throughout the quarter in both the acting and acting with power classes. Your passion definitely lands on me. My first ever theater experience will be something I will remember forever. It also arouses my awareness of non-verbal actions and expands my authentic range when interacting with others. THANK YOU!!!



Gilford Law
Class of 2018
Stanford Graduate School of Business