Kay teaches “mantras”– those are, essentially, your “inner monologue” before you go into a scene–which could be applied to a meeting or a challenging conversation.  To adjust your mindset, intentionally think your “mantra” with meaning before or after important interactions. The mantra is one meaningful short sentence or phrase that is aligned with your overall objective, focused on your partner. 

Below, find an excerpt from a LinkedIn article that takes it to a corporate level–related to the latest United debacle.
“Businesses that put customers first begin with a set of company values. These are the positive attributes of your business. They are mantras that you, as a leader, want your company to believe in and exemplify. The closest thing I was able to find, as far as United’s company values was a list of supposedly “customer first” policies such as,
Occasionally we may not be able to provide you with a seat on a specific flight, even if you hold a ticket, have checked in, are present to board on time, and comply with other requirements.”
Boy, doesn’t that inspire you to do right by your customers? Me either.
Instead, dive deep as you create meaningful values, and avoid corporate buzzwords like, “We’re proactive” or bland phrases like, “Customer Service.” Clichés such as these lack any power to inspire.
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