Kay Kostopoulos of Black Olive Business has taught at Stanford University for over 22 years. Kay teaches acting, voice and speech in Stanford’s Department of Theatre, Continuing Studies Program, School of Education, and The Clayman Institute for Gender Research. She has created and directed training programs for the School of Medicine.

Kay is also a lecturer in Organizational Development and Management at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, where she teaches “Acting with Power”. This highly sought after second year MBA elective uses theatre techniques to help students address their issues around power, authority and status, and to find a wider authentic range of expression.

Kay helps clients to deliver messages with confidence and clarity. Kay coaches effective communication for presentations both live and virtual. She has worked with speakers as they prepare for TED talks, academic lectures, medical conferences and legal arguments.

It has been Kay’s mission as an educator and performer to bring performance techniques to help people open their eyes, ears, voices and hearts – – literally, with lifted chests and open, generous gestures. Through personalized coaching, Kay works with participants on balancing authority with warmth through recognition of signals in the voice and body. She helps her students to control nerves and overcome fears that often accompany public performance.